How Can Weather Affect Your Skin?

It’s normal to change your clothes to adapt to the weather changes. However, have you ever thought about making some changes to your skincare routine based on the current climate? While the weather declines, you may put on a jacket or grab a scarf. However, do you also add one more layer of moisturizer? Several skin problems are actually caused by the climate. Once you know how to manage those climate problems, it can greatly help improve your overall skin condition. Keep on reading to know how weather can affect your skin and how you can deal with the issues associated with the fluctuating climate. 

The Cold 

 Once it’s cold outside, you can expect your skin to get dry. Apart from that, the cold weather can dry out your pores, which causes your skin to be irritated easily and needing you to utilize more moisturizer to keep up healthy skin. Actually, the dryness is the main reason why cold seasons can make your skin crack, making your skin tough to touch and cause uncomfortable itching on it.  

The wisest approach you can do during the winter season would be to just vamp up your moisturizing routine. But keep in mind that excessive oil in the moisturizer may result in acne or the same blemishes, similar to how applying a moisturizer with fragrance can lead to irritation. If you want to know the ideal moisturizing routine to condition your skin during the winter season, then don’t hesitate to see a medical dermatology specialist as soon as possible.    

The hot 

Similar to how your skin will dry out during the cold season, too much heat can also result in its fair share of problems. The heat won’t be drying out your skin. But too much sun exposure can potentially cause your skin to get a sunburn. Most of the time increased heat is partnered with increased humidity, leaving your pores clogged and skin oily.  

During the warmer times of the year, using a cleanser to remove all of the dirt and sweat accumulated from your pores is the greatest way to avoid problems like breakouts because of the weather. Also, when you find yourself having sunburns, then ensure to increase the moisturizing so that your skin condition can effectively bounce back from getting dried out from the ultraviolet rays. 

Even while the weather changes, some parts of your skincare routines should remain consistent to help your skin to stay healthy. If unsure, you may consult a certified dermatologist and let them recommend you a skincare routine that will be best for your skin.  

Regardless of what season you’re in, prioritizing the condition of your skin can help you look great and stay comfortable all year round. Before making any changes to your routine, make sure to talk with your chosen dermatologist first to make sure that they will be safe for your skin or whether it’s necessary or not. Visit them regularly to achieve healthy skin.